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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


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From: Bright, Charles J LCDR <>
To: rungerchpd <>
Cc: Minnich, Richard W CIV <>
Sent: Mon, May 20, 2013 8:02 pm
Subject: Lake Erie Charter Boat Association Letter regarding Vessel Documentation

Mr. Unger, Please find attached a letter from Coast Guard Sector Detroit 
addressing the recent concerns over boardings and documentation on uninspected 
passenger vessels (UPVs) on Lake Erie. The original is being mailed but I wanted
 to provide you a copy electronically to ensure delivery. As indicated in the letter, 
we look forward to working with you and your members to alleviate their concerns
 while still maintaining safety and other regulatory compliance standards. 
Since most of the operators are in my unit's area, please give me or Mr. Minnich 
a call at your convenience to discuss. I would also be willing to meet with you 
or attend one of your meetings in the near future. Thank you again for contacting 
the Coast Guard and I look forward to working with you. 
Respectfully, LCDR Charles J. Bright 
Commanding Officer Marine Safety Unit Toledo 420 Madison Ave., Ste 700 Toledo, OH 43604
 (419) 418-6002 (W) 

Rodger Norcross, Chief, Division of Watercraft
Scott Zody, Chief, Division of Wildlife,
I am working with Rick Unger and others to temporarily suspend the USCG enforcement  of the documentation on Charter boat captains with 6 pack boat operations and Ohio numbered boats. 
We hope we can find common ground to allow the charter boat captains to operate for a period of
time to allow for the documentation process to be completed.  Based on initial information, many
charter boat captains will cease operations and the customers come to Lake Erie and the huge
amount of tourism dollars to the western Lake Erie basin, will stop coming.  This needs to be solved quickly, before captains lose customers, boat payments aren’t made and the fishing reputation
of Lake Erie receives another setback.
This may require a meeting with retiring Admiral Michael Parks or others, in which I would welcome
your attendance.
We will keep you in the loop.