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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


Captain Of The Year






Jan 11 2010

LECBA Board Meeting

Monday, January 11, 2010 

The meeting was called to order by President Rick Unger at 6:40 PM at Wild Wings Restaurant.

 Members present:  Jerry Abele, Steve Connor, Ron Eickholt, Mel Fenger, Mike Matta, Chris Moore, Paul Pacholski, Pete Scheid, John Tucholski, Rick Unger, Barry Witt, and Bob Witt

 Guests present:   Eric Gahn, Charlie Eulitt, Jerry Tucholski, Keith Unkefer, Jason Sarver, Tom Straus, Roger Knight, Ray Petering, Ron Gribble, Bernie Wise, Joe Holly, Ted Rothermel, Gary Hopp, Larry Lambert, Dave Farmer, Mike Lis, Bob Haynor, Thomas Lloyd, Copa, Tom Securro, and Bill Patalon

 Motion made by Steve Connor to approve December minutes.  Seconded by Mike Matta.   Passed by the Board.

 No Treasurer’s Report.

 Presentation by Ray Petering of the Division of Wildlife:

There will be a new licensing system (WOCRMS …Wild Ohio Customer Relationship Management System) in effective March 2011.  This system will be replacing the Point of Sale System currently being used, and will be web based.


           Asian Carp update: Currently in Federal Litigation- not sure where it will go from there.

 Presentation by Roger Knight of the Division of Wildlife:

            All topics discussed will be addressed again in more detail at the Captain’s Conference on March 6.

                        Topics discussed: possibility of a new harvest policy to promote recovery

Spawning:  discussion of movement patterns, best time for spawning and weather conditions

Bag limits still unknown at this time

 President’s Report:

President Unger stated that he will continue to follow the science as long as he is the President of the LECBA.


Captain of the Year was awarded to Paul Pacholski.  He will receive his award at the Captain’s Conference on March 6, 2010.


Border Crossings:  If you have licenses and do not touch land, you are not required to report.  You must have a passport to touch land.  James Wray and representatives from Customs will be at the Captain’s Conference to answer any further questions.


Paul Pacholski, Steve Connor and President Unger attended several meetings in December all with positive outcomes.  All factors come down to money issues.


 President Unger is currently learning to change and update the website.  More information to come.


Motion made to adjourn made by Ron Eickholt.  Seconded by Paul Pacholski.