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Board Minutes

Oct. 12th 2009

LECBA Board Meeting

Monday, October 12, 2009

  The meeting was called to order by Pres. Rick Unger at 6:25 PM at the Island House Restaurant. Members present: Jerry Abele, Ron Eickholt, Charlie Eulitt, Jeff Goehring, Mike Karhoff, Mike Matta, Chris Moore, Paul Pacholski, Pete Scheid, Barry Witt, Bob Witt, Dan Welsh, Rick Unger Guests present: Mel Fenger, Theresa Behrends, and Sandee Abele Motion made by Mike Karhoff to approve September minutes. Seconded by Ron Eickholt.  Passed by the Board. No Treasurer’s Report. President’s Report:There are currently six Board members whose positions are up for re-election: Steve Connor, Mike Karhoff, Mike Matta, Dan Welsh, Ron Eickholt and Charlie Eulitt.  Please let Rick know if there are others that would like to be placed on the election ballot.  President Unger will take care of the ballot and the mailing.  Returned ballots will be brought to and opened at the meeting. Jerry Abele and Rick Unger recently attended the Sportsman Alliance banquet in Columbus.  There were about 600 people in attendance.  Well worth the trip. Rick Unger attended the Wildlife Council Meeting in Columbus.  The fishing numbers are in and the hatch is worse than last year.  Ray Petering stated that they are going to re-evaluate the 2007 hatch.  President Unger would like to wait and see the numbers and not move forward as suggested at the last meeting.  No opposition from the Board.  Mike Matta and Rick will stay on top of the situation. Motion made by Charlie Eulitt to appoint Paul Pacholski as 2nd Vice President of the LECBA.  Motion seconded by Ron Eickholt.  Passed by the Board. Presentation by Paul Pacholski regarding projects that he is currently working on. (Bayshore Power Plant and the dredging of the Maumee River)  He will be meeting with Marcy Kaptur on Wed. October 21, 2009 to discuss these issues. Pres. Unger has received several phone calls from Jack Tibbels asking for support to shut down spring fishing.  The Board will not support this idea.  Rick also advised the Wildlife Council so they are aware of what Mr. Tibbels is trying to accomplish and steer them away from it. President Unger was given a month to meet with Bob Collins and receive the necessary paperwork to transfer the website information over to the organization.  If not accomplished within the month, action will be taken.Charter Captain of the Year:Mike Matta presented several non-Board member names for possible nomination.  Names need to be submitted soon. Discussion revolving around the voting process.  Next meeting to be held at the Island House Restaurant in Monday, November 9, 2009. 

Motion to adjourn made at 7:25 by Bob Witt, seconded by Dan Welsh.