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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


Captain Of The Year






Board Minutes

March 9, 2009

LECBA Board Meeting


Meeting was held at the Island House Restaurant.

President Rick Unger called the meeting to order at 6:25 PM.


Members present: Jerry Abele, Steve Connor, Ron Eickholt, Charlie Eulitt, Mike Karhoff, Don Lowther, Mike Matta, Chris Moore, Paul Pacholski, Pete Scheid, Barry Witt, Bob Witt, Dan Welsh, Rick Unger


Guests present: Eric Gahn, Theresa Behrends, Sandee Abele, and Bob Haynor


Motion made by Mike Karhoff to approve minutes from February.  Paul Pacholski seconded the motion.

 Treasurer’s Report:

                Detailed report by Don Lowther.  Motion to approve report by Bob Witt.  Seconded by Jerry Abele.


President Unger recently attended the Amish Breakfast. 


Wildlife Council meeting was held last Wednesday in Columbus.  President Unger had the opportunity to speak with Ray Petering concerning when the limits for perch and walleye are printed for the public, stating they should not be posted until the numbers are in.  Discussion about giving the extra fish to commercial fishermen before the sportsman.  According to Mr. Petering the sportsman will receive any extra fish first.


Motion made by Dan Welsh for Kelly Collins to take on extra duties as discussed in February.  Seconded by Ron Eickholt.


Procedures for fishing in Canadian waters will be the same as last year. 


President Unger will be attending the TAC meeting on March 23-24.


Bob Witt reported on the new website:

                Set up cost is about $1500 and hosting fee will run about $120. Everyone needs to sign up and enter his or her own information.  A username and password will be needed once you enter your information to make any changes.  An email will be sent to all members to let them know to go to the new site. We will be getting the domain from Bob Collins.  President Unger will approve all new posts for the website


Mike Matta and Ron Eickholt discussed new ideas for nominating and voting on a Captain of the Year.  They would like to have more nominees: not only Board members but also three potential nominations outside of the Board, and have the Board be more aggressive in the voting process.  They would also like to have a press release for the nominees and the Captain of the Year winner.


Paul Pacholski attended the Bayshore Power Plant Meeting.  Nothing will be done until mandated to do so.  All reports are available at  Handouts and a petition to the Governor on the issue were available for signing. Paul made a proposal to the Board to contribute $1000 to a biologist to value the fish.  The money will be returned if $35000 is not raised.  An emergency motion made by Mike Matta to contribute $1000 for the cause.  Motion seconded by Steve Connor and passed by the Board.


Mike Matta discussed the issue of the LECBA Hall of Fame.  We currently have a dormant plaque.  Mike suggested reviving the plaque and tying it in with the Captain of the Year award.  Board members are asked to think of criteria or other suggestions for new Hall of Fame members.


Ron Eickholt revisited the topic of the algae in the western basin affecting fall fishing. We need to take a good look at the situation and stay on top of it.  Discussion included contacting Marcy Kaptur giving her the facts to get her support.  President Unger will contact Fred Snyder and report back next month. 

Ron Eickholt and Bob Witt reviewed the by-laws and brought up the issue of the three meeting rules.  What is going to be done about it?  Board decided to leave the wording of the by-law as it currently stands.


Pete Scheid gave compliments to President Unger for a job well done at the Captains Conference.


Mike Matta would like to discuss the issue of the amount of club dues next month.


Bob Haynor will be bringing a rough draft of a five-year plan to the April Board meeting for discussion.


Eric Gahn mentioned to the Board that there will be a meeting at the Ottawa County Court House on Thursday March 12th at 6:00 PM to address the current ice fishing issues.


Next meeting will be held on Monday, April 13, 2009 at Wild Wings.


Motion to adjourn at 8:55 PM by Steve Connor, seconded by Mike Karhoff.