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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


Captain Of The Year






Board Minutes

October 13, 2008


Meeting was held at the Pond.
President Rick Unger called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM.

Members present: Bob Collins, Jerry Abele, Steve Conner, Ron Eicholt, Charley Eulitt, Mel Fenger, Mike Karhoff, Pete Scheid, Bob Witt, Dan Welsh, Dave Whitt, Rick Unger

Motion made by Ron Eicholt seconded by Jerry Abele to accept September minutes.

No treasurer’s report.

President’s Report:
President Unger discussed the TWIC cards. He will be sending a letter to the Senate asking that six pack captains be exempt. If you have not gotten your card yet – wait.

WHTI – Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
This is under Homeland Security and deals with crossing the border. President Unger will continue to push for charter captains to be able to cross the border and try to get fishing licenses online. He will continue to receive updates from the government regarding this issue.

Ballville Dam progress is still going well. Removing the Dam will open about 22 miles of spawning for walleye. President Unger is in continuous contact with Roger Knight and will continue to report back to the board with the progress.

Discussion led by President Unger wanting to make it illegal for the captain to give their fish limit to the customer. Dan Welsh mentioned he had a paper that he would pass on to him stating that this is all ready in effect. Topic tabled until November board meeting.

Discussion about the stipend given to Bob Collins. It has been a great year for the LECBA and Bob has done more to bring in money for the organization as well as helping President Unger.

President Unger mentioned that LECBA will once again support the Walleye Drop held on New Years Eve. Captain of the Year will be announced. Motion made by Bob Collins to donate $500. Seconded by Mel Fenger.

President Unger and Bob Collins attended the USSA conference. It was well represented. Presidential nominee John McCain spoke via video feed.

On Wednesday, October 15, President Unger will be attending a Wildlife Council meeting in Columbus.

Election Committee: Bob and Rick will be putting out a nomination ballot via email to all LECBA members, encouraging anyone to nominate. Election will then be through email to active members.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 10, 2008 at the Angry Trout.

Captain of the Year: President Unger and Bob Collins will be sending out an email for nominations. A list of qualifications will accompany the email for those wishing to nominate a captain.

Charley Eulitt discussed the issue of businesses being forced to purchase fishing license machines in the near future. President Unger will check out he situation and report back to the Board.

With no more business, Charley Eulitt motioned to adjourn at 7:55 PM. Seconded by Dan Welsh.