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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


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Board Minutes

January 14, 2008

Meeting was held at the Angry Trout Restaurant.
President Rick Unger called the meeting to order.

Member present: Bob Collins, Jerry Abele, Steve Conner, Charley Eulitt, Mel Fenger, Mike Karhoff, Don Lowther, Mike Matta, Paul Pacholski, Pete Scheid, Rick Unger, Jeff Goehring

Guests present: Teri Behrends, Dave Whitt

Motion made by Mike Matta seconded by Mike Karhoff to accept the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:
Detailed report presented by Don Lowther.

Members voiced possibility of having a projected budget/projected expense in place by the end of the second quarter.

Motion made by Charley Eulitt seconded by Mike Matta to accept Treasurer’s Report.

New/Old Business:

President Unger discussed the Commercial Fishing issues.

Cleveland Sport Show in Cleveland is set for March 12 -16, 2008. President Unger asked for assistance in running the show, Steve Conner and Dave Whitt agreed to help. Bob Collins mentioned that a Cleveland Browns football player (Joe Thomas) might be interested in helping support Lake Erie fishing at the show.

President Unger suggested that members be compensated for traveling for club business, such as a seminar/conference. Motion made by Steve Conner to compensate travel, seconded by Paul Pacholski. Passed by Board.

Mike Matta stated that Governor’s Day would be July 7th or July 14th date pending with the Governor’s calendar. Mike mentioned the need for more captains to be available (16). Mike will be co-chairing Governor’s Day this year with Pete Scheid who will then take over in 2009.

Mike Matta discussed Kid’s Fish Free Week. It will be the second week of August. Matta will co-chair with Jeff Goehring who will then take over in 2009.
Mike Matta reported that he had not heard any news on the Women’s Fishing Tournament. President Unger was to follow up for the next meeting.

President Unger addressed the issue of expenses for meals. He suggested raising meals from $10.00 to $12.00. Motion made by Steve Conner and seconded by Mel Fenger. Motion passed.

President Unger discussed the Great Lakes Commercial Fisherman issues and the eight counts of the lawsuit that they have filed against the Division of Wildlife.

On Wednesday, January 16th, President Unger and Bob Collins will attend the Great Lakes Small Vessel Conference at the I-X Center. They will report back next meeting.

Next meeting will be Monday, February 11 at the Angry Trout.

President Unger stated that MS would like to speak about the hopes of another tournament out of Midway Marina.

President Unger stated that the Division of Wildlife has two big issues that the LECBA will support: Ballast Water, Ballville Dam.

Mike Matta will be checking in on online licensing for Canada. He will report back next meeting.

Jeff Goehring discussed the new live bait law.

Don Lowther discussed the renewal of magazine subscriptions of Outdoors Ohio for members.

Steve Conner stated that passport laws have been setback another year. Will know more in February.

Pete Scheid suggested having a representative from Homeland Security/Coast Guard attend a meeting or a separate meeting. This would be a good chance to get new members.

Teri Behrends mentioned there was a new insurance policy for those captains who have less than 30 trips per year.

With no new business, Mike Karhoff motioned to adjourn at 7:45 PM. Seconded by Mike Matta.