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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


Captain Of The Year






Board Minutes

December 8, 2008


Meeting was held at Windjammers Restaurant.
Steve Conner called the meeting to order at 6:15 PM.

Members present: Bob Collins, Jerry Abele, Steve Conner, Ron Eicholt, Charley Eulitt, Jeff Goehring, Mike Karhoff, Don Lowther, Paul Pacholski, Pete Scheid, Barry Witt, Bob Witt, Dave Whitt

Guests present: Bob Haynor, Chris Moore, and Theresa Behrends

Motion made by Mike Karhoff and seconded by Pete Scheid to approve the minutes from the November meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
Detailed report by Don Lowther.

Motion made by Mike Karhoff and seconded by Jerry Abele to approve the treasurer’s report.

Captain of the Year will be announced at the Annual Walleye Drop on New Year’s Eve downtown Port Clinton. Mayor Tester along with former Mayor Brown will help in the presentation. Rick Unger is handling the nominations and the voting.

Commercial fishing issue (Bill 77) court hearing has been postponed. It is now in front of the state court since the federal courts threw it out. More details to come.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 is the Meet and Greet with the Governor in Columbus. If interested in attending, contact Roger Knight or Ray Petering.

Jeff Goehring and Steve Conner attended a seminar at Bowling Green presented by Ohio Sea Grant discussing a new minnow in Ohio. The Spot Fin Shiner (which resembles the Emerald Shiner) will be harvested and tested as substitute bait. It will be about two years before it hits the market and becomes available.

If interested in conducting a fishing seminar at the Cleveland Boat Show in mid-January at the I-X center in Cleveland please contact Bob Collins, Rick Unger or Steve Connor for more information.

Jerry Abele is still in the process of looking into updating and checking on the website. More information will be available after the holidays.

Charley Eulitt presented discussion concerning fishing license issue. Still nothing set in stone. A new system is to be in place by 2010. Jeff Goehring is still on top of the situation making phone calls and asking questions with no confirmed answers.

Rick Unger is still working on the Canadian Fishing License procedures. Looks as if 2009 will remain the same with one day fishing licenses available for purchase online in 2010.

Long discussion concerning the Re-election of Board Members. It was brought to the attention of the Board that some members are not receiving emails in a timely manner or unable to receive them at all. Several nominations were made at the meeting to rectify the situation. Motion made by Ron Eicholt that a ballot should be mailed to all active members for voting. Included with the ballot in the mailing will be a survey requesting members state whether they are receiving emails or would prefer to receive correspondences through regular mail. By sending out this hard copy, the Board hopes to eliminate any future situations of members not receiving information in a timely manner. Motion seconded by Bobby Witt.

Steve Conner expressed an interest in having the By Laws Committee get together and review the By Laws, highlighting any changes to be brought to the Board for discussion.

Motion made by Charley Eulitt at 8:20 PM to adjourn. Motion seconded by Dave Whitt.

Next meeting Monday, January 12, 2009. Location TBA