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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


Captain Of The Year






Board Minutes

April 14, 2008


Meeting was held at Wild Wings Restaurant.
The meeting was called to order by President Rick Unger at 6:30 PM.

Members present: Bob Collins, Jerry Abele, Steve Conner, Ron Eicholt, Charley Eulitt, Jeff Goehring, Mike Karhoff, Don Lowther, Mike Matta, Paul Pacholski, Pete Scheid, Bob Witt, Dan Welsh, Dave Whitt, Rick Unger

Guests present: Sandee Abele, Donna Dedeaux, Stephanie Yeager, Jerry Meyers, Joe Holley, and Bob Hayner

Presentation by Customs and Border Patrol:
Stephanie Yeager and Donna Dedeaux led an answer session pertaining to the handouts the Board received concerning Charter vessels fishing Canadian waters. Captains are encouraged to get their I-68 to cross into Canada.

Motion made by Mike Karhoff and seconded by Mike Matta to accept the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:
Report given by Don Lowther.

The Board was asked to give consideration to invited guests paying for their meals when at a meeting. It will be further discussed at next months meeting.

Motion by Paul Pacholski and seconded by Pete Scheid to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Committee Reports:

Mike Matta reported that Governor’s Day is Monday, July 7th. Boats are still needed.

Jeff Goehring reported that Kid’s Fish Free week would be the second week of August. It was asked if the Board would be able to donate $100-$200 to help with the cost. Part of the money raised from the Cleveland Sport Show was to be used for Kid’s programs. Putting up flyers to raise awareness of the event was also mentioned.

Old/New Business:

The Federal lawsuit concerning the Ottawa Tribe has been dismissed.

MS Fishing Tournament still scheduled for Wednesday, June 11, 2008. There are still applications available.

April 15, 2008: U.S. Meet the Candidates in Columbus at the Athletic Club. President Unger is unable to attend. Mike Matta mentioned he might be able to make an appearance.

Mike Matta expressed his thanks to Rick Unger for all his efforts on the Customs issue.

Mike Matta led a discussion about putting together all the accomplishments of the LECBA in an effort to drive revenue and increase membership. Car decals and flyers were mentioned, as well as a press release.

Upcoming committees:
Charter Review Committee: A committee that would review the by-laws of the LECBA and give opinions on any changes that should be made for the better of the organization. Bob Witt and Ron Eicholt will head the committee.

Captain of the Year Committee: Former recipients of the award were asked to chair the committee: Mike Matta, Pete Scheid and Bob Collins.

Elections Committee: Mel Fenger and Jerry Abele were appointed to chair the committee.

Round Table Issues:

Dave Whitt discussed the small mouth bass regulations and questioned if the Board would be willing to support catch and release year round with the possibilities of some posters/flyers to spread the word.

Steve Conner posed issues with the Great Lakes Fishing Council and the fish limits. The possibility of inviting Ray Petering to a meeting to voice our issues and concerns.

Paul Pacholski shared information from a meeting in Toledo pertaining to the fish hatch and how the weather and temperatures affect the spawn and movement of fish.

Guest Bob Hayner mentioned that a way to drive revenue for the organization would be through t-shirts/hats.

A proposal was made by Bob Collins to purchase the LECBA camera. It will be discussed again next month.

Next meeting will be held at Wild Wings on Monday, May 12, 2008 at 6:00 pm.

With no further business, Ron Eicholt motioned to adjourn at 8:30 PM. Seconded by Bob Witt


There will be a closed meeting of the voting members of the board at 5:30 pm on May 12 at Wild Wings. The topic for discussion will be financial issues including payment of meals at board meetings.