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Board Minutes

December 10, 2007


Meeting was held at The Angry Trout restaurant. The Meeting was called to order by Pres. Bob Collins at 7:10pm Present: Bob Collins, Don Lowther, Jerry Abele, Steve Connor, Paul Pacholski, Pete Scheid, Bob Witt, Dan Welsh, Charley Eulitt, Mike Matta and Rick Unger. Absent: Mel Fenger, Barry Witt, Ron Eicholt, Mike Karhoff and Don Mitchell

Guests: Ted Welsh

Guest Speaker: Jeff Tyson Ohio Division of Wildlife

Motion made by Don Lowther seconded by Bob Witt to accept the minutes.

President Collins turned the meeting over to Jeff Tyson.

Jeff Tyson gave a Power Point presentation covering three issues:

Issue One: 2007 Commercial Task Force update.

Mr. Tyson stated that the task force had to deal with two main issues quota allocation and regulation compliance.

Issue Two: Yellow perch management.

Mr. Tyson stated that there are problems with the prior system based on biological decisions and that it allowed quotas to be exceeded.

Under the new system he expected to see healthy stocks, science based management, quota compliance, policy (2) implementation and reduction of by-catch.

Issue Three: 2007 spawn report.

Mr. Tyson stated that the 2007 Yellow Perch hatch was slightly above average and that the 2007 Walleye hatch was slightly below average but much better then the last three hatches and will keep the Walleye population strong. Mr. Tyson stated that he did not anticipate any changes in daily limits in 2008.

Treasurers Report:

Don Lowther presented a detailed treasures report.

Paul Pacholski moved to accept the Treasurers Report motion was seconded by Mike Matta and passed.

Presidents Report:

President Collins reported that this would be his last meeting as president.

President Collins gave a detailed report on the Commercial Fishing Task Force Review Committee, and stated that he would reserve time at the end of the meeting for personal comments.

New/Old Business:

Several members voiced concerns about how commercial fishermen would report their weight and if the task force was able to stop under reporting, and also had concerns that the mandatory VMS units could be circumvented.
Rick Unger reported that he would contact Kevin Ramsey and report back to the board at the next meeting.

Election Committee:

Rick Unger reported the results of balloting as follows:

President: Rick Unger
Vice President: Steve Connor
Treasurer: Don Lowther
Director: Dave Whitt
Business Member: Jeff Goehring (ANJ Bait)
Executive Director: Bob Collins

President’s report continued:

President Collins thanked the board for their work during his term as president and asked that continued cooperation be given to incoming President Rick Unger.

President Collins stated that the LECBA is the finest organization of its type in the Country and he pleaded with the board not to lose its direction or enthusiasm.

President Collins closed by stating that the LECBA has been built on a solid foundation and hoped that the good work would continue.

There being no further business Dan Welsh moved and Charley Eulitt seconded a motion to adjourn at 7:52pm.

The next meeting of the LECBA is scheduled for 6:00 pm at the Angry Trout on January 14, 2008.