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   Capt. Peggy Van Vleet 


Captain Of The Year






Board Minutes

August 13, 2007


Meeting was held at The Pond. President Bob Collins called the Meeting to order at 6:50pm.

Present: Bob Collins, Jerry Abele, Steve Connor, Ron Eicholt, Mel Fenger, Paul Pacholski, Bob Witt, Barry Witt, Pete Scheid, Dan Welsh and Rick Unger

Absent: Charley Eulitt, Mike Matta, Don Mitchell, Don Mitchell, Don Lowther, Mike Karhoff and Mel Fenger.

Guests: Chris Moore, Ted Welsh, Ken Krul, Bob Dewy, Steven Ungvarsky, Wanda Moorehead, Dave Moorehead, Ted Rother, Peggy Vanfleet, Idole, Dave Whit, Eric Snyder and Sandy Abele.

Guest Speakers: Jeff Tyson, Roger Knight, Kevin Ramsey from O.D.O.W. and Corey Bammer from the U.S. Border Patrol.


Motion made by Dan Welsh seconded by Ron Eicholt to accept the July minutes.

Treasurers Report:
Motion made by Paul Pacholski seconded by Steve Connor to table the Treasurers report.

Guest Speakers:
Kevin Ramsey reported that the attempted buy-out of the Commercial Fishing licenses failed in the Senate last year.

Mr. Ramsey then gave an update on S.B. 77 reporting that in January of 2007 the Senate Bill was introduced and included stiff penalties for illegal wildlife acts. The Bill also included vessel monitoring system (VMS) and electronic catch reports, which will end paper reporting. Mr. Ramsey also stated that language in the Bill called for the formation of a task force, which would make recommendations to the Governor concerning Commercial Fishing.

Jeff Tyson advised the members that unofficially the hatch reports for Perch and Walleye are decent although all the data is not yet available. Mr. Tyson also stated that the Emerald Shiner hatch looks very good and that the Forage Fish hatch appears good.

He then gave an update on fish tagging stating that 40 pit tags have been used 20 this year and 20 last year, and that 150 jaw tags have been inserted.
Mr. Tyson stated that 50 were implanted and 1 was observed in the Sandusky River and 20 were observed in the Sandusky bay.

Mr. Roger Knight thanked the LECBA for it contribution in the passage of SB. 77 an added that the passage of the bill returns the authority of the Division of Wildlife to control the commercial fishermen.

Mr. Knight commented on the formation of the Ohio Lake Erie Fishing Regulatory Reform Task Force. Mr. Knight reported that both Bob Collins and Rick Unger of the LECBA were appointed by the Governor to represent the sport fishing community on the board.

Mr. Roger Knight stated that he expected no changes in the 2008 fishing regulations unless the hatch reports showed another poor hatch.

Q & A

Q. Ron Eicholt to Jeff Tyson - Can we (Captains) help tag fish?
A. Not this year but perhaps in the future.

Q. Steve Connor to Kevin Ramsey - Are we still doing dockside inspections of commercial fishermen?
A. Yes, hands on is still an important tool.

Q. Dan Welsh to Roger Knight - How do you determine how many fish are being caught?
A. By doing creel checks and interviewing captains, the reports are put into a model and averages are determined. Creel check locations are changed from time to time to get an overall average.

Q. Ted Rother to Roger Knight – Is Ohio going to continue their Steelhead stocking program?
A. Yes.

Q. Paul Pacholski to Roger Knight – Have the trawl methods changed?
A. Yes, in 2003 we changed the way we trawl and have been consistent since then.

Q. Tony Novak to Jeff Tyson – Why don’t we have a Walleye stocking program in Lake Erie?
A. 1) Stocking has not proven effective for Walleye on Lake Erie.
2) The Native stock is strong.
3) With natural reproduction you eliminate the chance of disease.
Steve Connor stated that his research shows that stocking adds less than 1% to the population.

Mr. Corey Bammer Field Operations Supervisor representing the Department of Homeland Security addressed the membership and reported that in the past four months members of his staff have been working the waters on the Canadian border.

Mr. Bammer stated that in that time his officers have seized 500 pounds of Marijuana and six boats, as well as arresting illegal aliens being smuggled into our country.

Mr. Bammer reported that officers under his supervision started working the area on May 24, 2007 and that they are partners with U.S. Customs and the U.S. Coast Guard air and marine.

Mr. Bammer stated that his men are focusing their resources on smuggling and not on legitimate users of the resource, but that it is taking them time to determine who the legitimate users are and hopefully his officers will cause fewer delays to charter boat captains as they get to know them.

Mr. Bammer asked that any unusual activity be reported by calling 1-800-537-3220

Q. From Dan Whit – will passports be required in 2008?
A. At this moment the U.S. Government is planning on requiring all citizens to have a passport if they cross the international boarder in a boat in 2008.

Q. From Dave Moorehead - when are we required to report into U.S. Customs?
A. If you touch Canadian soil you must report that landing to U.S. Customs.

Presidents Report:

Mr. Bob Collins reported that Kids fish free week would be August 13th. Thru the 17th. and that captains should contact Mike Matta for further information.

President Collins stated that the next Wildlife Council meeting will take place on August 22 in Columbus and that he will attend on behalf of LECBA.

Mr. Collins reported that both he and Rick Unger have been asked to serve on the Ohio Lake Erie Fishing Regulatory Reform Task Force.

President Collins stated that the LECBA Summer Bash would take place at the Pond on August 19th.

President Collins reported that the officers of LECBA are completing their term this year and that anyone interested in running for office should contact Mr. Mel Fenger who serves as chairman of the elections committee.

There being no further business Ron Eicholt moved and Bob Witt seconded a motion to adjourn.